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Yeah I understand your frustration. It will be alright soon enough though. You will have fun with Diablo III once Blizzard figures out the connectivity issue as previously mentioned. I just hope they get it up soon, I only have so many hours to play a day!
same here
good fn game blizz still havent got in yet its bugging the crap outa me for i play d2 all the time and only prob is that in d2 blizz deleted my accounts for there was a yr where i had things to do but shear enough i have lost yrs off chars so i thought ill wait till d3 comes not and now that its out i cant get past the log in pls blizz whats up now?? 3007 everytime i try and sign in
dont worry they are busy fixing issues with mouse pointers, errors aren't important.
S far I have been booted with 3007 error no less than twenty times today (about once every ten to twenty minutes). Tried keep general chat open and it booted me about two minutes later so that doesn't fix it. Would like a little more info on Blizzards side about what they are doing about resolving this issue.
3007 error here too. every 10 minutes no matter what server i choose. Please get this fixed it's definetly not a error from our end blizzard.
blizzard suck my eggs
3007 every 3-5 mins, what ever asia , eu or us ,it kicks me always...
well me and my friend are playing at the same house with the same internet connection, i get dc'd every couple of minutes and he has not been dc'd for over an hour.
i got the same problem now. got kick out of the game and have a 3007 error code now. and i time my login time about 2 mins in the game and i will get kick out of the game. it's a big problem for me because i keep on getting DC after 2 mins in the game.
Similar situation here, my Windows 7 client is dc'd consistently at about 20 seconds of gameplay. My wife is sitting across the room on the same wireless with a MAC OS client and no dc's after hours of gameplay. I'm going to let the 'optimal' content finish loading and try again.

Other than that I'm stuck in Tristram at lvl 2 with a the starting quest of speaking with Rumford at the gate so I have to take the 3007 maker action of speaking with people in town.
still getting booted... come on blizzard.. fix it or give us an offline version please... jesus...
Issue continuing. Firmware is updated, tried the chat workaround... still disconnecting every 5-15 minutes. This has really sucked the joy out of this game.
No answers have been given? I spent $60 !@#$ing dollars. Blizzard, you suck if you don't fix this fast.
Quick question for you people that are having these 3005 and 3007 error

i'd like to know what is your OS (xp/vista/7 etc..)
your brand of video card and stuff like that.
This error plagues me every 2 minutes, and has made the game unplayable for me. This needs to be fixed very soon.
I was fine after launch, but just started getting the 3007 about an hour ago. Please assist!

Thanks in advance!
I've also went through the checklist they gave, and it seems random sometimes. I was just playing with two friends and rarely would I get the boot, (mostly from staying in town too long) and just now before I stopped playing I was playing with another friend with just him and me. When I played with just the one friend, I kept getting kicked out every 2-3 minutes. It took us 45 minutes just to get from Jandar to the Skeleton King with him skipping through a lot of enemies.

This has just become unbearable anymore. I can't even sit down and play with a friend without getting agitated. Hopefully they fix this soon, because I highly doubt it's on our end.

This worked for my friend. 1 and a half hours of no DC play. Sounds stupid, but it worked.

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