stutter issues

Technical Support
i72600 @ 4.50 ghz
8 gigs of ram
windows 7 64
evga gtx 690
vertex ssd 120gig

horrible stutter during attacks and mostly in village area
consistant hangups only in this game. as a diablo veteran im
very dissapointed. Starcraft 2 runs beautifully. i don't get it.
uncheck vsync in-game
uncheck anti-aliasing in-game
in nvidia control panel, find the diablo 3 profile
override anti-aliasing settings and force AA to whatever you feel comfortable running at (this will FORCE your graphics card to work)
power management prefer maximum performance if u have downclocking issues
everything else either leave or play around as u wish
vsync set it to adaptive
I can play it at 32x AA with everything cranked up and get most, but not all the time a solid 60fps

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