Achievements Still Lost

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I'd like to know if are we getting our achievements restored or not? I lost all of mine from 6 hours of play yesterday morning. The only ones I've gotten now are the ones I got after the servers came back up.

For example, (some of the ones lost) the early exploration ones and skeleton king normal achievements plus many others that I can't think of.
bumping and hoping for a response
Bah, I figure I'm going to replay so much of the game that the first 4 hours of achievements were just a dry run for the real thing. /notlosingsleepoverlostachievements
When the servers came back on I figured I would finish act 2 with a friend and realized all of my achievements were gone. Then half way through act 3 we both got kicked and I tried to get back in only to find that it did not track my progress and I could only get into act 2. If not my achievements at least my progress back.
Well if the achievements are shared by all of your characters on one account, then I don't care. Because i plan on playing several.

Are achievements shared?
Well, after last nights emergency downtime, I can confirm I lost one more achievement at the least. Not going to bother looking and seeing if I lost any more, but I really hope Blizzard would respond to this so far. I can understand the achievement server not being contacted properly or something... But I know I lost pretty much all achievements for the first Act. Level 20 almost, and have no achievements saying I've done any of the starting stuff. Skeleton King Normal? Pfft, I just skipped him. Magic.

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