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When viewing another player's profile, the character's page shows the time that player has spent in-game on each class.

This is an unnecessary invasion of privacy that many players, myself included, find to be absolutely appalling. It is no one's business by my own how much time I play my video games, and especially in a global society where gaming is often considered synonymous with "time wasting" and carries a bit of a stigma, it can have unintended social impact even among friends, or griefing/trolling between strangers.

I personally don't mind if there's still a graph showing the *relative* time played for each class, but certainly having a viewable time in days/hours/minutes is disrespectful to the privacy of the users. Some might say that even a relative graph of different characters is treading the line of privacy violation.

Note: This is viewable by *anyone* and is not limited to RealID/BattleTag friends. Just right click on someone's name in General Chat, for example. Even if it were limited to "people you choose to friend", it would still be a terrible idea that also continues to discourage making friends in what should be a social game.


While I'm addressing privacy, though, I may as well hit the big one:

By default, accounts have enabled the "Show my Real ID on Friends of Friends lists" option. Most players do not even know that this setting exists, as it's tucked away 3 layers deep in the Account page. This feature, BY DEFAULT, shares your FULL name with anyone who is so much as friends with any of your friends. People who have no business knowing or seeing your full name...people who you very likely do not know.

The fact that this setting is default is absolutely mindblowing. This is a*terrible* disrespect for customer privacy. Especially in an environment where many of your customers might be children who do not even understand what it means to be privacy/security aware. Please fix this.

The main purpose for this ticket is the former issue, I just figured I'd expand upon it with the latter while I was here. It genuinely concerns me that Blizzard shows such disrespect for their user's privacy and is constantly "publishing" information that is personal.
Still experiencing this issue.
Although I agree with you fully, this community is probably not ready for such deep thinking/contemplating over privacy concerns.

It only cares about the loot.

And here comes all the hateful replies..
It seems like you are ashamed of the fact that you spend to much of your life gaming. Who gives a flying F what otehr people think.. As long as you don't work with them or connected to you in a personal way.. who cares.
So you are worried that you are being seen as "wasting time" by other people who are "wasting time"?

my goal is to make people go O.O wtf. when they look at mine
This is a new QQ topic....

Bravo OP
How is this any different from someone looking up your Steam profile and seeing information on time played?
If this actually mattered to you (and I assure you, it doesn't) you could simply stop playing the game. You are not obligated to purchase Blizzard's games, and as such, not obligated to play them either. If an institution has policies which make you as horribly uncomfortable as you seem to be, remove yourself from financially supporting them.

Stop being the type of individual that thinks the world needs to conform to their every individual need. Much more private information than your video game logs are out in the world already, just play the game, and get yourself a broom for all the sand falling around your feet.
highly original
I assume you don't use Facebook, Google products then?

There are bigger privacy concerns than people seeing how many hours you've sunk into Diablo Characters.
It only discourages making friends if you want it to discourage you.

If someone wasn't going to be my friend because of how much or how little I play Diablo 3 in my spare time, then that person isn't someone I wanted to be friends with in the first place, and I have lost nothing of value to me.
You used your real name for your account? Lol
You can turn off friends-of-friends in your account.

It's always been that way.

And what does it matter if they see how much you've played a character >>
cool QQ brah
Heres the thing, you signed a EULA that somewhere states that you have given up certain rights to use the software.

Also there is no "RIGHT to privacy" this isn't a REAL right. Some courts may or may not interperate certain ammendments as such, but look at the BILL of RIGHTS.

No such thing. There are laws that protect privacy, but if your using someone elses servers, on yet another (ISP) persons service. Your putting yourself ON the internet, just like walking out in public, there are no privacy rights.
Come on people, let's focus more hate on the OP and don't we DARE bring in some decency and common sense to this discussion!
That way, Diablo wins! Or something. Haven't fully understood why this community works that way, but yeah.
I agree with this
Embarrassed by how much you play? Play less.

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