1h crossbow + shield?

Demon Hunter
Is there any reason to dual wield two 1h crossbows since u can only shoot with one anyways? Might as well use a shield for added defense?
i dunno what game youre playing but at D3 im using both 1h crossbows.
maybe you tried a skill that doesnt involve the equiped weaps into the animation like impale?
so far loving the dual wield with the 1h bows havent tried equipping a shield or even bow yet :-\ my preference i guess
it got nothing to do with the animation, you only use 1 crossbow at a time alternatively.
they are having a discussion about this on another forum seems more in depth http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5150105258 can check that
Equipping two weapons passively gives you 15% faster attack speed.

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