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My Diablo 3 copy is almost done downloading, and I want to find out what people are playing. Whatever I see the least posted of, that class is what I am going to roll first! Thanks.
Witchdoctor. It's amazing.
I found the Witch Doctor and Wizard to be the most fun. =)

I played the Wizard up to level 16 so far, and the Witch Doctor is only level 6 but lobbing dozens of spiders at the enemies while snaring them with a large AoE ground attack is pretty epic =P
05/16/2012 09:48 AMPosted by MrsMephisto
Witchdoctor. It's amazing.

I was hoping no one would post this. =) Ha!
Wizard. Loving it. AoE all over the place. I get the multi kill achieve all the time plus I have enough defensive abilities to not feel like a total glass cannon.
Witch Doctor
All of them... barbarian is my highest right now, but that is because I'm playing with my girlfriend and she rolled a demon hunter. I figured barbarian + demon hunter would be a good combo, and I seem right so far.
I started with a demon hunter and will most likely make a wizard second. Eventually, I'll have one of each though.
Barb solo and DH with groups
Barbarian, hulk smash.
Wizzard is a fun first class
Demon Hunter first, Monk second. The rest of the order is up in the air still.
Only have a demon hunter right now but was thinking of trying wizard some time.
Witch doctor. Was a strategic choice based on some of the QQing in these forums. I figure minions don't lag, so if I hit a lag spike I'll be fine.

Haven't seen any problems so far though. Must just have the GG intarwebz connector.
Looks like I know what class I'm rolling... I only have about 2 minutes left til the download is complete. And this is the first time a blue responded to one of my threads! What a treat.
My first class is a wizard and I'm LOVING it. I experimented with the monk and the demon hunter and found the kiting abilities of the demon hunter really fun as well.
Monk. This Fight is OVER!
I already have one of each. They'll all get played up as I have a hankering for specific kinds of mayhem. ;oD

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