Gargantuan "Restless Giant" Rune Tip

Witch Doctor
The Restless Giant rune effect for the gargantuan (+damage, attack speed and movespeed when fighting elites/bosses etc) has a cooldown of 120 seconds which is pretty long, but the cooldown is reset when you summon a new gargantuan. And given that the gargantuan cooldown is 60 seconds, you can basically activate the rune effect twice as often as you would think. The most effective uses of this are during a long fight, like bosses or tough elites, to resummon your gargantuan immediately after the effect ends and get a new hyper gargantuan, or after the fight to simply resummon the gargantuan to have the effect ready to go.

I feel like this makes a pretty specialized rune pretty damn useful.
Nice tip man
The rune effect should just be changed to every 60 seconds, would be great.
oh good idea never would of thought of that
And now Blizz will change it so that CD stays at 120 no matter what :P

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