calculating best dps skill correctly

Witch Doctor
i searched the forums and read a few threads and i'm just wondering the "proper" way to calculate which dps skill is the "best".

what i'm looking to calculate is damage per second per mana cost.
would it just be as simple as %dmg divided by mana cost to get %dmg per mana spent?

how about taking in DOT dmg into account such as:
dire bat: 122mana for 220% dmg vs. rain of toads: 34m for 130% dmg over two seconds

just divide the %dmg per mana cost by the amount of seconds?

(it would really help to be able to see in-game the dmg and mana cost.)
Just to do the examples with what you provided

220 damage / 122 mana= ~1.8% damage per mana spent for Dire bats
130 damage / 34 mana= 3.82% damage per mana spent for Rain of Toads


rain of toads has a second variable: Time.

3.82% weapon damage per mana / 2 seconds= 1.91% damage per mana per second.

Roughly they are equal as far as damage per mana goes, but i can tell you the bats will do more single target, and the toads more multi target :P
i think i've found the most deeps through plague bats

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