The game connection has been lost;

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Same disconnected game issue for me while playing a double tornado whirlwind barb.
I have no issues at all when playing my other characters for long periods of time. Please take a look at the whirlwind / sprint (run like the wind rune) skills
I am not even using whirlwind but I am still having this problem on my dual wield barb.
Anyone having this issue can you please add to this thread.

With any luck blizzard will actually look into it.
its happening to me too it will xjust freeze up when im playing then after Ctrl+Alt+Delete its sais lost connection to server
has this been fixed ?

its almost a month now since this problem started happening, at first i thought is was my notebook , reformat my notebook and same thing, i just googled around and landed on this thread, man there so many of us having this problem T_T
i don't think this has been fixed, i'm still getting randomly dc'ed...
bump, same issue.
I'm having this issue to but I cant even get into the game in the first place :< makes like its going to get in then bam the stupid thing kicks me out. wont let any form of character in at all and I've tried everything to fix it but nothings working has to be the bloody game

finally a blue trying to help.
do what he asks. ill do it also.
The cancer is back after the hot fixes today.
this happens to me everyday PLEASE FIX
i think it has something to do with runspeed ..
It happens to me EVERY SINGLE game I play. What's causing this?
Dear blizzard employees,

please take note on a couple of things that are bothering me.

First off: If you type in game connection lost on google the emount of top hits that are diablo forums are insane.

Second: It's not just WW barb's geting this problem. I play a monk and cant farm at all because once I hit 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor the connection will crash shortly after.

Third: And I think I speak for a big part of he community when I say this, but at least for myself; I do not feel like you guys are listening to us... In stead of spending hours and hours updating the real money auction house, make sure the game works properly first...

I am sorry that I have to make an angry post, all troughout the beta and the startup bugs I was defending blizzard as to it being normal that a multiplayer game is not instantly working perfectly, but you guys are taking it to a whole new level, and this is getting me frustrated to the bone.
I'm also experiencing this random loss of connection to server

The game connection has been lost: Your client has been disconnected from the server.

^^^^^^^^ The above message is what I see about every 5 - 10 minutes of gameplay, I can hardly even play in a group let alone trying to play solo, I lose everything in the game and cannot rejoin and pick up my drops when i'm in solo.

THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED, I am having this same issue since 1.05a hotfix !!! never had that before tho!
Add me to this list! its completely random, could work fine for 30 min - 1 hour, or you can login and get dissconnected in under a minute..TOTALLY RANDOM/ANNOYING. Having to start a game over.
me too. UGH. I just came back to start diablo-ing again and this!!!
I am also having this dc issue. I play DH in HC.
it happens about every half hour...
Very annoying!

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