The game connection has been lost;

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seems like whenever i crack open a red bull i get dc issues or isp guess i should quit drinking it
Same thing happening to me. Its quite annoying. I played all through normal mode no problems, including today. When I switched to NM today I started DC'ing every 10 mins or so... sometimes immediately after rejoining.
I believe this issue has to be with certain aoe attacks, I switched from my Strafe ability which is like a ranged whirlwind and I haven't had a disconnect in like 3 hours.

It doesn't matter which act.
Same problem here :( the game connection has been lost your client has been disconnected from the server.
Still having this issue. Wish someone would address it.
How many pages before we get some sort of response?
Doesn't matter what class I play or what Act every 2-10 minutes it disconnects me.
If it isn't video driver fail, it's getting disconnected.... This is unreal.
Same problem here and yesterday didn't have this issue
I used Frenzy and Hammer of the Ancients. Still getting dc'd on the Barb. >.> So no, not using aoe doesn't do anything to help.
I have the same problem. Earlier today it was playing "ok". A little stuttering but somewhat playable. Now it disconnects every few minutes. I have an AMD 8 core with 16gb of ram and an AMD7850 so it's not my computer. Seems like the issues will never end!
This just happened to me! I lost like 15 minutes of game! SO FUKING PISSED AT BLIZZARD!!!! THE JOY OF PLAYING ONLINE ONLY!!!!!!
happening to me aswell. every 5-10 minutes. seems to happen right when im getting deep into a dungeon... :( which means i have to restart the whole god damn thing again. I was trying to get through the rest of nightmare mode.

Really screwed the pooch with this must be online for single player game !@#$ blizzard.
Problem solved for me, JUST STOP USING WHIRLWIND.
Same problem, I'm not on a barbarian.
Just started happening to me after I hit 53(literally right after). Also only happening on Hell Difficulty for me, having no issues on nightmare.
I am having the same problem on my Barbarian, but only in ONE ZONE. No other zone, no other quest, has this problem. I will try doing it without whirlwind.
same problem, ill try without ww aswell, it just happens in the spider caverns
Having the same issue. keep getting disconnected. i have been getting some lag spikes. I'm also playing a barbarian

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