The secret to MF runs

Items and Crafting
Go with more people in 1 game.

It makes sense if you think about it, enemies are harder, probably making for better drops + you have 4x the chance of getting something good. Thoughts?
I don't really see much of an increase when in a party for myself. I think the beneifit to being in a group is everyone evaluating their drops and trading back and forth.

I started nightmare on my own and before I even had gotten the crown remade from the BS, I had already had 7 *rare* drops. That's alot in such a short run.
Hm, maybe you're right, its still wayyyy too early to tell, and Blizz will prolly be changing the drop system a little bit down the road. Do legendarys/sets drop from specific enemies or is it completely random?
This was definitely the case in D2, and maybe it's coincidence but I'm finding better equipment when playing with a friend.
Actually, the amount of people in your party doesn't affect loot drops (Rate/Quality) at all.
Isn't loot entirely dependent on the individual? Your drops are completely different from everyone else in your party, so it would make sense that your magic find only helps you, not anyone else.
Not sure that is true. Everytime I'm in a game with 2-3 other people, if only blues drop from a boss -- everyone only got blues. If rares dropped -- everyone got at least 1-2-3 rares. MF is divided up by the party, so if a rare drops for one person, it drops for another. However this is only with major bosses. elite/champions are different I believe and it doesn't apply to legendary or sets (I havent seen either and I'm lvl 50).
i remember this from d2 and heres how mf works

0 mf = regular chance for rare/legendary/set
1mf= better chance that a rare etc CAN drop

now knowing that if you have 4 ppl it increases the amount of loot dropped because you have 4 drops not the type of loot
now if 4 ppl have set to say ok we have a barb, witch doc, wiz, demon hunter so if something for your class drops for my barb ill give to you if something drops for my class to you you give to me then you will have better results

now if one person goes and has a massive amount of MF then he/she may end with better drops not more but better hope it helps

This explains MF with party as well as followers

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