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I'm on Satalite Internet and I WANT A REFUND. I need help because Im sick of waiting on your phones wasting more of my time.

Over 7 Hours waiting on the phones for support. (Hung up on twice)
Over 3 Days troubleshooting
Over 30 different troubleshooting methods

How do I fix my problem?.....I still cant play the game. Why? Because you've blocked my !@#$ING connection due to me being on satalite? Where was that on the box that I waited in line for two hours to buy?

It said I needed broadband my knowlege, 4G Satalite that gives 6Mb/s Down and 1Mb/s Up is pretty broadbandish to me.

I want a refund. <--- That is my account which appearently I cannot post on the forums, hence why im posting from this.

I too have sat internet, and im having the same issues as everyone, but i am able to play if i can log in.
Step 3: Connection Type
If you are using a wireless connection of any kind, try to connect using a wired connection such as an ethernet cable as a temporary test. Wireless connections are generally unstable and many factors beyond your control (such as nearby cordless telephones, microwave ovens, refrigerators, walls, and power lines) can interfere with the signal integrity. If your connection issue ceases while using a wired connection, you will know your wireless is suffering from interference.
Satellite and cellular phone internet connections are prone to this kind of connection issue as well, and are unsupported for this reason.

These games have never, ever supported Satellite connections. Where did you ever get the idea that they did?
So, Your telling me you've sat at my chair at my house and tried to play SC II, WoW, Diablo 2?

Cause all 3 of those worked (and still work) perfectly fine.
I play wow with NO lag.

Just because im satalite and my latency is 600 MS, doesnt' mean my Up/Download speeds are !@#$. It's the distance of my connection that causes high latency, im still getting 5Mb down and 1Mb up, which is MORE then sufficient to play.

When I played for 2-3 hours on Diablo 3, I was getting NO lag on my end. Nothing noticable enough to call lag (other then the usual SERVER lag cause they didn't prepare proper servers on Launch Date).

So why sohuld my $60 be wasted when the developer is choosing to INTENTIONALLY lock out satalite users after a rolling restart.

Thats fuc king bull %^-*. If your gonna lock me out, GIMME A DAMN REFUND NOW. Or I'm returning your game to best buy and keeping the fuc king serial code. So help me god if they refuse to take it back.

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