Is Whirlwind Working As Intended?

I loved this skill in D2, but in D3 is just feels kind of meh. It also doesn't seem to be doing damage properly - using frenzy (110% damage) seems to produce much more damage than a fury spender :|

I think they should reduce the fury cost of this significantly.
no, whirlwind is fine.

my only issue it that i get dc'd when i use it.

please fix this blizz
Aha, so that's what's happening. Was wondering why I was dcing this morning.
Did you hold the right mouse button so that he kept WW?

I used some time to figure it out that one needs to hold the right mouse button instead of single click to WW properly. :P
I thought it was bugged, it only goes like 2 feet.
I've got to agree, it was a pretty huge disappointment for me. It's really, really hard to judge how balanced the Barbarian skills are with Furious Charge:Merc Assault - it's just insanely good compared to everything else.

If you pretend that skill doesn't exist, WW still really doesn't seem worth using. Really, none of the fury spenders seem that great.

The rage cost of WW seemed fine with Cleave+Reaping Swing as well as Weapon Master and a mighty main hand (between those two, rage generation is absolutely insane). However, it feels like a bad combo (since you don't really have any strong single target).
WW has some issues like DC and the fact it doesn't even spin all the way around for me lol
I have no problems with WW.
In fact, it works wonders for me lol.
Playing through NM mode right now. I like WW as a fury dump because it dumps fury very quickly and has decent synergy with other skills like leap, revenge, and ground stomp. You need to press and hold right click and spin through and around your target. Leap into a pack of enemies, ground stomp vortex them in, cleave a few times to build rage, and WW around until you run out of rage while spamming revenge.

With the way the barb is in d3, it's like the warrior in WoW, you need to keep your fury low just like you need to keep your rage low in order to play efficiently (unless you're banking rage for that one passive skill I can't remember the name of). WW converts rage to AoE damage pretty quickly.

My only concerns is if its fury : damage ratio is good enough when compared to other fury spenders. I haven't spent enough time with the other fury spenders to really have a feel for it.

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