Best build for hell and onwards?

Anyone know what the best build is, skills and items wise (ie. sword and shield, 2 hander or dual wield), for both solo and in a group for hell.

Basically, I want to solo in hell to farm for items to get ready for Inferno, and I want to join my group for passing hell, Currently, I find myself dying alot in hell, even with a friend on monk that is tanking, I'm using a 2 hander, should I switch to sword and board? Will I have enough dps? Is sword and board also good for soloing Hell farming?

Looking forward to your responses.
it actually depends. since the stun is outta equation on Hell...

I was playing on 10k health dps based until nightmare. and this is outta equation too..

try building vital gem based item tree.

with skills give u hp boast and def boast such as Ignore pain and war shout with hp rune.

now im around 20k hp on Hell and still building up...

u also gonna need res item too.

and btw it is true that baba is getting useless from hell...

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