Possible solution to login server overloads

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We all know it, when the game was launched we receved "server capasity at maximum" errors. (error 37)
What the heck do you expect when a single server is taxed with 50 000 simultainleus logins (within a minute, and you retry and retry, cant wait 10 seconds before retry?)? Camoon ppl, articles of "crapload factor 3.7?" is not reasonable.

But on game developers side, there is also a fault, why were there such limitations on login?
Why don´t you make a game client, that has an option to choose which login server you want to try to login with? Im not just talking about regional servers, I´m talking about redundancy backup servers. heres an example:

Choose what server you want to join with:
* login server 1
* login server 2
* login server 1
* login server 2
* login server 1
* login server 2

Login servers only purpose is to choose character and guide to the gaming servers, why on earth are you relaying on single server to handle each logins, when there could be redundancy backup, that could handle more masses. This would effinently double the capasity of the progress of logins.

Also, if you add a quick verification to the login progress, when you open the client, server would send warning to player that states: login server capasity at dangerous levels, try server 2. With simple radio button, that turns to green/orange/red. Now ppl, would not try to overload login server, and would balance logins to both servers.

Do trust your idiot consumers, we have more knowledge on how to lessen your burden... In the future, PLEASE, apply your logins to games better...

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