Tyrael and the Archangel of Wisdom (Spoiler)

Lore and Story
So for everyone that has beaten the game, we all know that Tyrael became the archangel of wisdom because he no longer needs to be justice (since diablo and all that jazz is dead). But before the game was released, blizzard in association with another company made that short cartoon called "wrath". Well in that video there is an archangel of wisdom called malfael(?). Does that mean there are two archangels of wisdom now... oorrr did i just miss something?
Malthael the Archangel of Wisdom could not comprehend the destruction of the world stone and left the Angiris Council. So there was no Archangel of Wisdom after the events in Diablo II.

Apparently Malthael went insane.
Malthael, the former Archangel of Wisdom, left the Angiris Council at the end of the Diablo 2 expansion, Lord of Destruction.

Baal, the last "living" Prime Evil corrupted the Worldstone, forcing Tyrael to destroy it using El'druin.

After the Worldstone was shattered, Malthael, unable to comprehend the outcome of all creation after the Worldstone's passing stepped down from the Council and became "grim."
Long story short, it's generally assumed Malthael will become a Fallen Angel, the Archangel of Death. He's already possessed a very Grim Reaper kind of appearance.
I don't think Malthael has actually made any appearances in the game yet. Maybe he'll be part of a "Diablo III" expansion?
Honestly i thought so myself. If you pay close attention the soulstone containing all the prime evils was never actually destroyed, Diablo's body simply burned away from around it as he fell from the Pinnacle of Heaven. I think that what's gonna happen is we're gonna get an expansion based around Malthael and Angela regaining the soulstone. This is purely speculation but we never had any closure with either of these two. I have this lingering feeling that was for a reason.

That's cannon, and it's insinuating that he's changed from wisdom to death.

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