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I purchased the direct download of Diablo 3 yesterday, and still haven't been able to play.

I have to download 8 gigs of data, but the installer only downloads intermittently. When I click on 'Connection Information', it reports a speed of usually 1 or 2 MB/s, but this is a lie, because the total downloaded amount is only 400 MB, and it's been running for at least 8 hours. It seems like it downloads at a rate of 0 for several minutes, then downloads at 2MB/s for a few seconds, then goes back to zero.

FYI I typically get download speeds of 10MB/s when downloading from

I've followed all the recommendations I could find for how to fix this problem. I've ensured that:
  • I have over 250 gigs of free space on my hard disk
  • My anti-virus is not running
  • My router's firewall is off
  • My software firewall (Windows Firewall) is off
  • I disabled 'Peer-to-Peer' in the downloader preferences
  • I am running as administrator (I'm running Windows 7)

  • I've also made sure to uninstall, reboot, and attempt a second time, with the same results. Based on all this information, I'm inclined to believe that the downloader is attempting to connect to a very slow / buggy server. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

    My computer is on a home network behind a linksys router which connects to the internet, with no ports being forwarded, and no ports or applications being blocked.

    Here is the output of my mfil file, if that helps:

    And here is the output of agent.db, if that helps:
    "uid" : "diablo3_enus",
    "config" : {
    "expansion_level" : 0.000000,
    "last_played" : 0.000000,
    "update_progress" : 0.000000,
    "ptr" : false,
    "beta" : false,
    "supports_multibox" : false,
    "fullpath_hash" : false,
    "archive_override_subpath" : "",
    "data_dir" : "Data_D3/PC/MPQs/",
    "switcher" : false,
    "use_sparse" : false,
    "patch_url" : "",
    "priority_file_layout" : "Retail",
    "product" : "D3",
    "updater_product" : "d3_patch",
    "update_identifier" : "d3-update-",
    "update_method" : "patch on demand",
    "update_regex" : "(?P<prefix>d3-update-(?P<dataset>\\w+))-(?P<build>\\d+)\\.mpq$",
    "torrent_file_path" : "Diablo III.tfil",
    "manifest_file_path" : "Diablo III.mfil",
    "priority_file_path" : "Diablo III.pfil",
    "binary_version_path" : "Diablo III.exe",
    "binary_launch_path" : "Diablo III.exe",
    "binary_launch_path64" : "",
    "run64bit" : false,
    "uninstall_path" : "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Common Files\\Blizzard Entertainment\\Diablo III\\Uninstall.exe",
    "installed_locales" : [
    "display_locales" : [
    "launch_arguments" : [
    "preinstalled" : true
    Update: This seems to have done the trick!!!

    See bottom post by Aymanesin

    Had to uncheck the 'auto detect settings' checkbox under 'Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings"
    Sticky this or blue post it, it’s a major issue and needs to be addressed by Blizzard. I would not have figured this out without help from this thread which by itself was difficult to locate.
    Updater still slow. This is ridiculous. This issue has been around for half a year at least.

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