Lvl 60 Stats

Demon Hunter
Dex: 1199
Vit: 703
Armor: 2230
Resistances: ~275
DPS: 11934
Weapon DPS: 576.1

When listing your DPS, please don't be using Sharp Shooter since it gives an entirely unrealistic number.
Dex: 1208
Vit: 512 (18196 hp)
Armor: 2633
Resistances: 21-55
DPS: 21304
Weapon DPS: 655.2

Those are my stats after just finishing Inferno Act 1.
lol i still dont get how some people say they have 20k god damn dps at lvl 51 with 350+ weapon damage. just how the !@#$.
ye i dont know too.. anyone who can do it, can write something more about how to get this incredible dps? ^^
yep. some of my friends have like 16k dps while i have 7k.. And i think i have better gears than they do..
Dex: 846
Vit: 536
Armor: 1565
Resistance: ~50
DPS: 6690
Weapon DPS: 415

Just hit 60 like an hour ago and haven't bought any nice gear yet. Still soloing hell easily about halfway through act 3 at the moment, can take a couple hits from most mobs and kill anything besides elites in about 5-6 shots max.

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