Lvl37 WD in Nightmare

Witch Doctor
Hey fellow Doc, I'm encountering some problems in Nightmare now. Basically, my tactics involved Spirit Walking into Mobs, Soul Harvest and then spamming Direbats. Thing is, damage done is quite okay but, I go OOM very fast. I might be using Big Bad Voodoo Rain dance rune, but I'm not sure if it's feasible. Does anyone have any suggestion? Or should I change my playstyle and tactics completely? Thanks in advance guys.
your about....14-15 levels too low for nightmare.

your thinking hell.

you have plenty of spells and tricks that regen your mana.
Use this and you ll be fine untill at least lvl 40 in NM!ZbV!aaZaaZ

Splinters/Dire bats on mouse


Passive: Jungle f, spiritual attunment and spirit vessel

Use healing haunt as combat opener, walk in the mob with the expexted healing then use SH and only use spirith walk to get out of there. Once you re in a good spot start dire batting stuff to death and splinter dart if you re out of mana (or just repeat SH & spirith walk)


At lvl 40 I had to change up to my dracula build though, I noticed that the build above didn't didn't have the punch I wanted. Once I changed to this dracula build I was soloing bosses in Co op and turned Nightmare Mode into easy mode:!ZUV!aZZaZZ

how to use it, see this thread:
!@#$ changes alot depending on the act and your gear. The thing youre doing works very well act 3-4 if you have decent gear in NM, because you're fighting lots of mobs and have virtually unlimited mana due to scaling and the rune that makes locust swarm refund 200% of your mana. I never solod because i was playing with friends, but the playstyle changed very often.
14-15 levels too low for nightmare.

your thinking hell.


Normal -> Nightmare -> Hell..

My thoughts too. The fk?
In three levels you'll get Vision quest which will allow you to spam till your hearts content. Until then you can just space out your casts 2 or 3 seconds apart maneuvering for better angles... If your damage is appropriate to your level, 2-3 dire bats should take out most groups and you should have enough mana for at least 4 spamming non stop. It'll be a mute point in 3 levels though.
Lol, I find normal more difficult than nightmare with my current skill settings ...

The thing is, once you get 40 nightmare can become easy mode with the right skillset

Nightmare < normal < Hell is what it ll be for me in terms of difficulty
I also use spirit walk and harvest, though I like to go with poison dart (splinters) as a single target and acid cloud with the radius increase for AoE. I'll generally corner 'em with zombie wall and rain down the acid, works quite nicely.
your about....14-15 levels too low for nightmare.

your thinking hell.

Get some sleep.
To open fights against champs and rares:

1. ready your pets
2. run into mobs
3. harvest souls
4. set traps
5. run away
6. Acid rain + poison dart finish
Thanks for the output everyone! I've tried to follow Munin's method. It work pretty well, just that I still need to run from Uniques. I was wondering if I should swap out Garg to BBV Rain Dance and hopefully spam Direbats.

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