Health/DPS/MANA guideline question

Witch Doctor
So this is for you more experienced WD's. Builds are commonly discussed here, but as for a guideline of what your stat's should look, not so much. I just wanna put up a chart of how your Health/DPS/Mana should look like at about every 10 levels. Just so we know we're on the right track rather than getting pwned at a certain stage and not have the money to AH your way out of it.


Stats varies depending on how you play/what problems you're facing. I can't exactly tell you my past level's stats but I'm playing DPS type WD having 8k hp and 5.7k DPS with 880Mana at level 56 (8k/5.7k/880). But some chose to go higher HP and/or MP regeneration for skill spam (Dire bats + Vision Quest). But normally, its best you start getting HP after you hit Act IV of NM mode.

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