Hell Barb Build With Great Success (Ranged)

So Ive been using a build in hell in act 3 atm level 58 and I am doing fine...Living no problem and can take on rare spawns no problem.

I am using one hand/shield and stack Vit/Str
I find Vit is more important because if you cant live you cant do damage...I have 32k Life and 3.8k Damage...The weapon having alot of dps is important as well even if it doesnt have stats attached

So the build is basically alot of fury with seismic slam. Because alot of the time in hell you cant stay in one spot and tank because alot of the units espcially rares have aoe crap on the ground and you find yourself running without damage...So this helps you do alot of damage at range while healing. Lets called it a ranged tank barbarian

The build

1) Seismic Slam with Strength from Earth rune (Cost 15 fury instead of 30)
- This is perfect for spamming the move over and over with alot of aoe damage...Makes it easier to keep fury up while kiting. And you can knock enemies back

2) Furious Charge with Dreadnought rune (Regains 8% life for every enermy hit)
- This is a great move in the build because not only does it give you fury but it can also be a great escape in dire moments...And If you are weak you can even charge into a group and heal. (just hit 5 guys and gain 40% life back)

3) Revenge with Provocation rune (30% chance to proc instead of 15)
- Lets face it we as barbs need this because we are in the mist of battle always...And you can't afford to not have this skill proc when you NEED it...So having double the chance to proc is amazing

4) War Cry with Invigorate rune (Increase maxium life by 10% and regenerates)
- This is great because it generates fury...Raises everyone in your groups hp 10% which is alot. And also increases everyons armor

5) Bash with Pulverise rune
- This works because it not only does alot of damage but also shoots a cone of damage behind the target which is amazing for aoe mobs and great for kiting because you don't have to get in close range to do alot of damage like the other too.

6) Overpower
- Works good for quick damage and can generate alot of fast fury with proper rune

And dont worry this build also generates alot of damage with alot of survivability

Thanks for reading hope this helps someone
A nice build you have here. I use something very similiar to this and it has been very helpful in Hell mode.

My usual strat involves charging in (with +fury rune), Ground stomp (+fury rune), leap out (rune that slows at launch point), and spam seismic slam (fury reduction rune).

With War Cry and the Invigorate rune I have enough healing to keep me up, as I am usually not being hit that much with this build.

I am still undecided about which fury generator I prefer for this build however...(currently rocking the Bash + extra fury on hit).

I'll probably give the OP's build a shot and see how it compares. ^^
I'd replace Revenge with Ground stomp and Overpower with Wrath. Other than that it is a pretty solid build.
Looks good, i'll probs give it a try.

What passives are you rinning with?
best build on the forum for solo hell barb, without the gear. Right now my gear is lagging behind due to bad drops, but with my one good drop a 285 damage 2hander its easy to play. I just modifed it with Leap & wrath so i have more damage and more escape potential.

Right now at 53 just cleared out several areas and multiple aniti melee randoms without a death.

Thanks for the build, really is a lifesaver.
I usually use almost the same set-up, but with a few tweaks.
-Seismic slam with the 1.5 second stun rune is great, will stun ANYTHING minus purple mobs 70%.
-War Cry with the 15% Dodge rune is better, imo, but only if you take the passive that gives you a 1% hp regen after using a shout.
-Rather than Overpower, I find that Ground Stomp+the rune that pulls in mobs 24 yards around you is amazing.
-Bash+Pulverize is good
-Furious Charge+Dreadnaught is good
-Revenge+Provocation is good

*Animosity is highly useful for this build (10% fury generation and 20 max fury)
*If you want to have a full rage bar going from pull to pull, get the passive Unforgiven (1 fury per second, no degeneration)

So, the tactic for this is to run in and use War Cry, throw a SS, Ground Stomp and then Bash the stunned mobs to gain full fury (usually), and then throw four more SS (120 / 30 fury per cast). Use Revenge procs optimally when you Ground Stomp, as it pulls more enemies into the range. Use Furious Charge to heal and or escape if you boxed yourself in with mobs and didn't manage to down any (should almost never happen). The cooldowns work out to about 1-3 seconds between complete stunlocking after you've used all your fury on SS. I was tanking and killing all of Belial's serpent minions during his boss fight without ever dying in a two person game with a 220 dps weapon.

*Note: If you find a mob with the affix "Shielding", you're gonna have a bad time.
im doing basically the same thing

2 hander weapon, vit/str

seismic slam

nerves of steel
inspiring presence

basically all i do is pop warcry, jump in, charge out, seismic spam, jump in, charge out, seismic spam until the wave is cleared, then proceed to jump in and earthquake and kill the uniques. usually takes 2-3 spams on seismic. between the insiring presence + rune on warcry + bloodthirst, my health regens pretty fast, and the armor of warcry + nerves of steel keep me tanky enough that i dont die unless i royally screw up,

the mobs with "vamp" scare me ALOT more than the "shield". once the mob is cleared, uniques will go down in time, unless they are vampiric and can out-tank my dps!!! although since i switched to frenzy i haven't had this happen to me (yet). also the main reason i keep earthquake on hand.
What passives and Overpower rune are you running on that build, OP?

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