Lyndo Event Glitch

Bug Report
In Act II, in the Desolate Sands I encountered the event where Lyndo says that the nearby portal Garot made his brother rich. I clicked the ancient device before Lyndo was done talking, at which point the portal started spewing gold. I started picking up the gold before the portal had finished spewing it out. Several piles of gold remained suspended a few feet above the ground and I couldn't pick them up. No enemies spawned.

I'm playing a level 22 Barbarian and had a level 22 Witch Doctor in my group, who didn't have the floating gold problem.
I just got attacked by skeletons when i activated it, but no loot was given.
i got a dungeon that is full of chickens and has a pig as a boss
I too found this guy, clicked on the portal and nothing happened. Is this a glitch or working as intended? If the event has some kind of requirement anything info would be helpful.
Weird, a bunch of bugs spawned when I clicked it. Maybe it's supposed to do something random each time?
this is the ancient device for the wheel of misfortune achievment, judging by that achievment there are 10 different outcomes.
I was going to post this bug and did a search before I did. We had the same problem. Gold all over the portal and it couldn't be picked up. I have a screen shot if desired.

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