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Yeah, an 8gb USB drive isn't enough :( Short by 200mb.

It puzzles me though. How can a USB drive have faster read times than a SATA device? I would have thought it'd be a lot slower.

same problem SD card says * gb but is like 200 mb short.

Does doing a partition work?

Ok, you might actually need to get a 16GB flash drive (or SD cad).

According to windows, the folder size is: 7.70 GB (8,272,926,208 bytes)

The problem is companies advertise their product to be 8GB*, and in fine-print they will tell you that they mean 8,000,000,000 bytes. However, the advertised 8GB* flash memory is seen as 7.45GB to windows. Same marketing scheme is usually followed for other storage devices.

When I tried this solution, I was using a 16GB SD card.

Sorry, and good luck. Your almost there :)
I edited the first post to reflect this note. It looks like you will need a 16GB flash drive (or SD card). Thanks Onix.
I'd like to revisit my comment earlier (instead of editing it, because no one will probably re-read it).

This is actually working great. Playing in hell right now and the only obvious stutters I have occur only once or twice in the beginning of acts or large maps; I no longer have any stutters when loading new elite mobs that will crush my face while I'm freezing. This includes playing solo and with up to 4 people.

As I said before I'm using a 16 gb flash drive (patriot memory xporter xt, and yes it does need to be 16 gb) and it has roughly 30 mb/s read speeds (write speeds do not matter I believe). I did have to shell out 23 bucks for it but I wanted a new flash drive anyway.

Do not worry about the mklink if this fix doesn't work or help you. All the cmd prompt is doing it making a very visible file (the icon looks like a shortcut file) in your "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\Data_D3\PC" folder and you can simply click on and delete if you wish (and rename your original MPQ folder back to it's original name).

I highly suggest using the resource monitor built into Windows 7 to view the access times of the Diablo3.exe before and after so you can see the changes.
I have a 32 gb flash drive, but it has read speeds of only 3 mb/sec, so obviously that wont be enough. On the other hand I have a USB2 500 GB eHDD that has read speeds of 50 mb/sec. Will that work, or it has to be a flash drive?
Not sure, it might. It's the same concept of moving the MPQ folder to a different storage device with less activity so it can get accessed faster. No harm in trying IMO.
05/23/2012 09:38 AMPosted by KLARC
I have a 32 gb flash drive, but it has read speeds of only 3 mb/sec, so obviously that wont be enough. On the other hand I have a USB2 500 GB eHDD that has read speeds of 50 mb/sec. Will that work, or it has to be a flash drive?

I have an external 500gb hard drive (7200 rpm) connected through eSata. I tried using this first, and the stuttering was lessened, but there was still some. Then I tried with a 16gb flash drive that was lying around. With this drive, there was zero stuttering**. I think the lower access time of the flash drive and the fact that my external drive still has spin up speed and a slightly higher access time attributed to less stutter with a flash drive.

**I say zero, but in reality there was some micro-suttering, but I believe this was a result of my dual GPU video card, because I tried the same fix on my laptop and it worked flawlessly.
I don't suppose a SANDISK 16GB FLASH DRIVE CRUZER SWITCH will work? Surely it's writting speeds are much low than a HDD's.
I tried everything to fix this stuttering for the past week and the lack of a response from Blizzard was just saddening really..

After reading this thread I decided to install Diablo onto my External hard drive (Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk 1TB). This was a last resort before I was going to just leave it to fix itself..

After launching Diablo 3 from my external drive the stuttering seems to have come to a stop completely. I've only played 10 minutes so far but it seems to have given me the best results of all of the fixes.

It's strange.. after a week of only seeing the first 5 minutes of the game I finally get to play past that and enjoy the game...

EDIT: I used the installer found on the website this time where as the first time I used the installation disks... I don't know if that would make a difference though.
@Joss True, If you don't have a 16GB flash drive (or SD card), but you have an external hard drive available, then you can try installing the game on the external hard drive first. I think that Windows in combination to the background running programs are accessing your harddrive too often, thus, competing for hard drive resources (read/writes) with the game. If you notice significant improvement in stuttering by installing it to an external harddrive, but you still have some noticeable stuttering, then you should try the 16GB USB flash drive (or SD card) solution (in first post).

Also, remember that you can use "Resource Monitor" to view read response times (shortcut: start> "res").

This is also what "ELYK371" has described in his post.
@Eblan The read response time of USB flash drives or SD cards are not usually advertised like the read/write speeds. However, since these memory storage devices are not mechanical in nature like hard disc drives (HDDs), they will have faster response times than HDDs especially that no other program is competing to access the flash drive you will be using for diablo.

Remember: Read response time (unit = ms) is different the read/write transfer rate (unit = MB/s). We need better read response times (less/smaller ms time) to solve the stuttering problem. Also note that stuttering due to network lags is not something we can control/fix. Also, if you are using a low end graphics card, you will notice stuttering/lag around large number of enemies/animations.
I may have greatly lessened the problem. I decided to delete programs from my secondary drive (Windows was on the drive I initially installed the game on) and installed Diablo 3 on it and the stuttering is noticeably less. It seems Diablo 3 doesn't like to share an HDD with other programs that are running off of it. I still get some stuttering so I may still want to try a flash drive.

Is there anyway to easily find the response times of flash drives if it's not normally advertised?
05/23/2012 01:35 PMPosted by Eblan
Is there anyway to easily find the response times of flash drives if it's not normally advertised?

You can try HD tune pro, the 30 day trial. The Benchmark tab will be able to show the access time of the selected drive as well as the transfer speeds
It should be sticky till blizz fix the problemo! :)
Hard drive access speed is not the problem. My flash drive is nowhere near as fast as my SATA drive and yet putting the MPQs folder on the flash drive does lessen the stutters.
05/23/2012 03:10 PMPosted by shiftee
It should be sticky till blizz fix the problemo! :)

Yeah right... They have yet to acknowledge the issue even exists
My best guess, is that this would be difficult to solve by Blizzard since it is dependent on your operating system (allocating resources) , your hardware (HDD), background running programs (competing for HDD read/writes), and the fact that there are no loading screens, which requires constant reads to HDD. Let's hope I'm wrong, and Blizzard does find a solution to this.

However, my best guess is that it will take a long time for them to address this issue considering it is hardware-dependent. I think they have much more pressing issues to resolve right now (RMAH, security, network latency, etc).

I think, from a Blizzard view point, this is not their fault. They can not control what your are running in the background on your computer, or your hardware choice. I have another laptop that is 4 years old and it ran Diablo 3 from first installation (on local HDD) without any stuttering at avg of 30FPS. However, this laptop had barely any programs on it. You can see this problem is hardware-dependent (HDD) and an OS resource allocation issue. For now, I will stick with this temp solution.

If Blizzard comes out with a solution, I will use the 16GB SD card for something else :).
I think I'll wait, because it was working fine for me until yesterday. I think they will havbe a fix for something they just changed. Can't be that hard.
@Osiriskiller , or something you just changed on your computer ? Perhaps installed a new program that runs in the background ? Windows update ? virus background scan ?

It ran fine for me today with no problems.

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