2h vs 1h?

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Is there a point to wielding a 2h weapon? All the 1h weps I find have MAYBE 2-3 dps less than a 2h wep, swing 0.3-0.4 times more per second, have pretty equal stats, and only take 1 slot so I can use another 1h or shield.

Aside from a couple runes that modify depending on 2h or 1h, why would anyone ever use a 2h?
I think Blizz needs to balance 2H to the Dual Wield 1H stats.

I just started using 2H Axe on my new Barbarian... because I like it. However if 2H weapons are not balanced properly, it just sucks to know I am using an inferior build. And with all the 'We want you to play how you want' that Blizz speaks about DIII, they need to make sure that 2H is properly balanced. I am not saying it is not balanced, perhaps there is something I overlooked.

Here is what I have learned: I believe that a 2H sword has further reach than a 1H sword, so more enemies are attacked at once in a mob. This is fun and addicting. Also, with a 2H weapon more damage is dealt in a single blow whereas with 2 1H weapons you may need to attack twice to match.

Furthermore, certain abilities that run off of weapon damage may be stronger with a 2H weapon than with 2 1H weapons.

Note: I just started playing Barbarian and have not finished experimenting.

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