Gardening Achievement Incorrectly Awarded

Bug Report
I was in Act IV Nightmare on my monk today, trying to clear all of the Gardens of Hope on my way through the act. While on Light of Hope, after destroying both rifts, I got randomly kicked from the server. I didn't exit the game, but tried Resume a few times until it let me back in (I was getting the errors like I saw on launch day). When I got back in, as expected, Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier was completely new, unexplored, different layout, etc. However, after destroying about 5 of the corruption, I was awarded Gardening 27/27 (I then went on to destroy half a dozen more on my way to the portal). I was working towards getting it anyway, but I figured I'd report the manner in which it gave it to me, considering the achievement text states that you can't exit the game.

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