Survival based build using tactical adv

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This build is survival based, it offers swift repositioning (inferior but more discipline saving than using vault), invincibility (smoke screen).
Using tactical advantage as passive is the core of this building, it offers speed for repositioning when using smoke screen or after backflip. With this passive, u don’t need an addition second for ss to help u get away from the onslaught. With evasive fire, u are able to backflip and avoid ambush, for example, mobs spawn very close to u or leap towards u.
For the other passives, the choice I make is to maximize discipline regen, u may choose ur own passives.
Since the core of this build is utilizing tactical advantage, so we want to trigger it more instead of fewer. Therefore, I use the evasive fire with surge and smoke screen with special recipe.
Caltrops are used because there are many situations that u need caltrops to snared most of the foes because there are too many foes to be snared by entangling shot.
Elemental arrow with ball lighting is for both multi and single target attack. If there is just a trash mob approached u, u may want to use elemental arrow or entangling shot instead of evasive fire to avoid unnecessary usage of discipline. Elemental arrow is preferred to twin chakram and multishot because they are good for multi target killing only and imo it is hard to aim using chakram.
In combat, if I am not surrounded by enemy, I will use caltrops if there are too many enemy, elemental arrow them. If anything come close, evasive fire or add a entangling shot if there is space. If surrounded by enemy, use ss to reposition.
U may consider changing surge to shrapnel for extra damage, this will make evasive fire’s damage on par with hungering arrow and u don’t have to use elemental all the way for single target damage.
Try it out and please comment

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