In a world where quickening doesn't work...

...what do you do in inferno? This isn't a sarcasm/joke/whine thread - I'm interested in possible Inferno builds that don't rely on quickening spirit generation to keep us alive. Possibly some form of Crippling Wave-Lashing Tail build?
I already posted this in like 2 other threads, but heres my build that can do Act2 slowly and destroy A1 :)!UXZ!ZcYYZc

Act2 elite packs are a sad state though, it's just Bubble > 7 sided, kite while equipping your spirit regen claws, spam pets, re-equip 2h, repeat Bubble > 7 sided.
I can solo act 1 inferno using MoE, Serenity, Circle of Healing, Mystic Ally, Blind, and Crippling Wave. Its quite easy, could probably sub out some of the defensive spells. Act 2 totally destroys me. Im stacking Dex Vit and Res.
This is what i use:!YXT!ZaZaZa

but i also play with others so I'm just a punching bag while dh and wiz pump in the dmg.!ZXY!aaYabZ

This is what I was rocking last night with a Barbarian friend of mine. Some packs are still rough, but then again, even spamming bubbles won't save you from that. Basically, the same things that would kill me using the bubble spam/quickening build still kill me, but with a partner, at least this build can kill things pretty decently and has some good supporting skills.

I tried this out because I was about the shelf my Monk. I had been rolling the quickening/MoH bubble for a while, as it seemed like the only way I could even remotely stay alive. Well, got some better gear, used some strategy, and this works much much better for ME.

I'm not saying it will work terrific for everyone, but it works for me! =P

Oh fyi, I have stacked Dex, Vit, then resistances. Dual wielding currently. The Dual wielding really helps offset the slowness of Crippling Wave and I don't find myself having any spirit generating issues. Like I said, if I have problems generating spirit, its because of a pack of nasty desecrator/arcane/plagued stuff that you can't stand and punch in, which would still kill you with the quickening/moh build.

Give it a try, but I must warn you, you need decent gear to roll it, but nothing godlike.
Interesting answers so far - anyone know if Concussion (crippling wave), intimidation (MoC), Resolve etc stack? (And how they do so?)

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