Any way to NOT be a tank in Inferno as Monk?

I'm currently a bit poor on gear. Just started Act I Inferno. Only got 400k , can't seem to buy anything useful for it.
I have:
701 Strength
790 Dexterity
398 Int
521 Vit(20k HP)
4278 armor
5.5 k DPS
325 resistances(stacking cold res)

Currently used, BORING build in Inferno:!YUX!YabbZb

I am getting really bored of this class - I expected mobile agile killing machine, not a left click + heals/shields tank.

Any of You guys know a way to play Monk how he was MEANT to be?
Thanks in advance for your help <3
Yesterady i would tell you that you need better gear, but im unsure of how everything is after hearing that damage reduc is working differently now
your stats for inferno suck.

You need 10K dps so you can kill simple monsters without the need to kite them. Some of them die during the blind for example, very practical to have good dmg.

I only have 9k dps (I have a 700dps 1H fist) and that's not enough.

no offense, just go to AH and bye some vitality+dex gear and a good weapon you dont need to spend 400k for that.
Well, Hundert, I got 450sh dps weapons packed with 100+ dex and anything above 700 dps is sold for more than half a million now =/
So yeah...
um HOW THE EFF IS YOUR RESISTANCES 325!? Guys don't criticize him on his vit. 20k is pretty low for hp and 5.5k dmg is pretty good tho.. and with those resistances you must be bombs!!

And how the hell you easily find such a nice weapon. AH is not the way to go endgame at 60.. since I don't know how the hell people afford 1mil + weapons. Auctioning all the crap I get doesn';t even get me close.
hate to tell you but quickening got nerfed today

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