Permanent Diablo Stun

Bug Report
When fighting Diablo in the Real of Terror sequence, I got trapped in a bone prison, and Diablo was killed before he grabbed and threw me. When we returned to the Pinnacle of Heaven I was permanently stunned until I was trapped in another bone prison. It's not a major bug, but a bug none the less.
Yeah my friend and I encountered this bug just now. In HC no less. Imagine our horror as we watched his hitpoints slowly dwindled into oblivion. There was nothing I could do besides trying to draw Diablo's attention away from him. Strangely enough he didn't die even though it looked like he would. I guess your character cannot be reduced to zero health when perma stunned in this fashion? No ideas.

Blizzard, you need to fix this bug otherwise there's no way I'm going to try to kill Diablo with a team again in HC.

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