Farming Gear Qustion

So.. I got to Inferno about a few days ago, and I was wondering... Where should i farm gear to get better? Act 4 of Hell? or what everyone else seems like doing and farming that boss in the Cellar of the Damned for The Shattered Crown quest. I currently get face rolled by blues and im not complaining, just wondering. Thanks for all the replies
Bump for interest. I'm curious where everyone is farming for Monk, since I can't find anywhere that we can clear efficiently (other than " me"). Or did everyone just start re-rolling to ranged?
Hmm well I am just starting to be able to farm Act 2, and before then I would farm the skele king quest and then after that I tried my hand at butcher runs. With the right build you can do it, It's not worth wiping and wiping if you can't take the bosses just farm the trash and elites that you can manage, sell on AH and try to find cheap upgrades. Good luck.
I am farming for gear in Inferno act 1 with a witch doctor atm. We are doing pretty good atm.

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