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im sure legendary have a chance to give better stats than magic, but since their so rare.
The same thing applied in D2. Rares were way better than uniques. You just had to find them.. The chance of finding a unique is 1000x higher than finding the highest lvl rare item with 6 of the best mods for its class. Uniques are more for looks and trophies. There are some weapons on the AH now that are about 300 dps above the best unique(keeldp saying unique, forgetting they are 'legendary now). So in the end for me, yes, rares should be the better items in the game, BUT, i do believe they made the ability to find ones that are better than the best uniques a little to easy.
In diablo 3 you cant get more then 3% lifesteal

lifesteal isnt that great in this game but with that bow and my current build i would be getting around 120k crits each of those would heal for around 3k with 2.4% lifesteal, its not much but its something and it will all add up when using nether tendrils or other aoe abilities.

did you think you can get 10-20% lifesteal in d3?
Re. Nintendo comparison:
Given its age, the original Nintendo is equivalent to a lvl 10 item, its better than other pevel 10 items. For the sake of this argument, a Wii is a level 30 magic item, it's better than the original Nintendo, but not quite as good as the level 30 legendaries such as Xbox or ps3.
hey noob, those legendary pants are way better then those rare ones...
i didnt care to read what ppl said but here is link from another topic where guy explains the role of legendarys in d3...

so before whining/crying/flaming get a clue and read

Legendary does not always mean better.
lol people still dont get it. . . .what do you think the chance of a unique drop to a magic/rare??? 1000 to 1?? yes i know its not a ratio but stick with me here

magic and rares are far more common to come across and are just a collection of affixes so you have a much better chance of finding a magic or rare item with an awesome affix as Stormsmith mentioned . . . so you have A MUCH HIGHER chance of finding an item with the Death affix rather than a Legendary that has that affix because legendary items drop like 10000x less often . . .

I know what its going to take , , , , someone its going to eventually find azurewrath or another end game legendary with the death affix or something close as powerful and it has 3000 DPS and they will say BLIZZ FIXED LEGENDARYS!!!!! when in reality that person just basically won the powerball bc the item system is working as intended. . .

and to close off topic i think it is the drops like those mentioned above that you are going to need to make it through Inferno more comfortably and not struggling through it as hard as they are i mean there is a reason why blizz said its going to take a LONG time to be able to get through it without pulling your hair out and breaking your keyboard.

People just need to chill. . .

EDIT: If you did not click the link 2 posts above mine in Ripersio's post please do as it basically just explains more in depth my post but he beat me to it. . . .cheater :-P lol jk rip

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