Wizard Hell clone build


Currently running this build in hell because of how fun it is and it seems to work really well. I tried the hydra/blizzard build and found it to be effective but very boring. This build gives you the same level of survivability while being a lot of fun. Currently wth this build I have 172 ap so you can swap out tap the source for obliteration for the dps increase. It basically works from having your clones tank while you casually sit back and spam arcane orb, when mobs get close pop diamond skin (illusionist still procs even when the damage is absorbed, so you can safely reset the cd on MI and teleport) and if illusionist doesn't proc, teleport away and let those clones tank and kite untill MI is back up. For bosses I generally just swap orb for rof and take Cold blooded over Astral presence. I feel like galvanizing ward is a necessity for any wizard, especially this build as it relies on tanking a hit or two to reset your cd's. The only trouble I have with this build is with teleport champs, but mirror image will break you out of freeze, jail and most stuns. Just don't stack a whole lot of vitality as
Illutionist may not proc when you need it to. Also if your mirror images are up and you teleport, the new clones will replace the old ones, so use it carefully.
Anyway give it a try, it's a lot more fun than hydra/blizzard

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