Game doesnt save correctly

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first off i would like to point out that the search bar for the bug reports is not working

how does the "game save" work on diablo3 ?
is it full auto, whenever you log out, whenever you hit a checkpoint, whenever you....
i can not find this information anywhere so this would be handy to know

now this is what happens, i have killed a bunch of mobs and explored an area somewhere, i use the teleport function to the "base camp" and after that i exit diablo3, this does not save my game, when i log back in those mobs are alive again and the area un-explored. it has happened 3x already

am i missing something or ?
Sorry about your lost items but this is working as intended. The only thing saved when you exit is your quest / checkpoint / character progress and whatever you have in your bags. I think that there should almost be a warning about this somewhere in game for new players.
yes now that i know its no problem, but there is no warning what so ever

thanks for the information !
I’m having a problem with Diablo 3 not saving correctly at all. I played the game over several days, and it was saving checkpoints and at the end of missions like it should. Yesterday a patch updated my game, and I was set back two days. I checked around on the net but I don’t see anyone complaining about it, so maybe it’s just me.

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