The problem with INFERNO levels.

Is when they fundamentally make you use your class in a way that was never intended. I don't want to jimmy jack the class in order to play Inferno. It *SHOULD* be hard. The packs and the mechanics that come with *SHOULD* be intense. Any wrong thing *SHOULD* wipe you and lots. We *SHOULDNT* have to learn a completely alien playstyle and gear setup(can i cook a meal on the shield please?) simply to make it happen.

Monks, as I understand them from the game I was given are designed to move in and out of melee range as needed to combat a mob or group of mobs, apply solid melee/specials when in range and and back out for a second when they need to catch their breath and either heal up, dodge AE, or apply some range damage, before diving into and applying more melee damage bent on getting the mob dead. That they even have a pet ripped out of a mage playbook is kind of baffling and sort of hilarious. I have yet to see a monk that spends his days learning a martial art, only to have some fluffy awshucks pet do his fighting for him.

But put simply, we aren't meant to play kite games where it simply becomes an exercise in making sure you find some way, any way, so that the mob doesn't touch you. In some games (*COUGHWOWCOUGH*), that would be considered an exploit. But apparently thats the game thats been given. Spend 3 levels learning your class, then spend a final level learning how to break it in such a way that you don't take damage for a sufficient enough period such that damage on said mob hits 0 and the cheese pops out.
Hey, at least the shield was like 200k as opposed to the 2 million the other 1 hander would have cost.

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