Need some help,tips or some guide... Wizy SOS

Greetings everyone, I watched our nerfed and observed people talking about how poorly Blizzard planed ahead this game and how NOT this char has been tested in Beta.

I am on Hell mode atm and I am having problems on ACT III with rare mobs,everything else I can solo and Bosses altho I cant do anything vs mobs that teleport next to me or they have imballanced movement speed,knockback (I've seent combination knockback and movement speed.... DEADLY....) and pretty much I cant do anything about it. I am having big problems kitting them and I am NOT happy how the game was created. Yeah I know and I didnt had many expectations from Wizard game play and as D2 player I kinda knew that I had to kite the mobs and spam vitality attribute in my build but now things go really complicated..... Now I am reading about Temporal Flux and movement speed build,blizzard build (which SUCKS BIG TIME, in my opinion) and I dont know what to do. I am speccing and respeccing from frost to Arcane kite or Kite with Arcane orbs and deal dmg with Hydras altho I am still on the same conclusion that my class is dieing and I think about rerolling or deleting even so.I don't whine about my class I am just posting my concerns about how MUCH the class was nerfed and when we bust our but..ts to play and kite other class have insane bugs which are not going to be nerfed and they are soloing ACT III on Inferno mode and it seems like easy mode.

I am currently 59 lvl and my stats are :
963 Inte, 481 Vitality, Armor 2.3k, dmg reduction 44,23% ,physical ress 123, DMG 4.6k, 143 Cold ress, 169 fire ress, 195 lightning ress, 127 poison ress, arcane/holy 184%, thorns 548, hp 17,7K, crit hit 11.5%, crit hit dmg 50%

my spec is this :!aXf!aYabZY but its not working and the other specc is!UXf!aZbaZY

dont spam about gear really gtfo u will be deleted,I am looking for options , advices and not idiotic conversations, I am more intrested in finding solutions rather idiots that wanna say they bs all over, naigh said I think....
I am currently considering using this build:

but dunno how much effective is it cos its ACT I and its not a tought ACT.....
I think your builds are sound.

I have soloed hell mode, and what it came down to im my case was defensive abilities. force armor, fracture, and crystal shell were necessary.

That left me with three slots open. to mix around.

If you are level 59 though I wouldnt worry just yet. level 60 gear is far above its power and will help ALOT.

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