noob damage/ weapon question

Demon Hunter
in the game it says attack speed increase my dps
i want to know if it increase my damage PER BULLET/SHOT like i do 100 damage per shot and then i do 150 damage per shot
i get more AS but i STILL do 100 damage per shot but faster

1) i do 100 damage per shot x 10 shots in 1 min = 1k damage per minute


2) i do 100 per shot x 15shots in 1 min = 1.5k damage per minute
attack speed increases just that... your attack speed..

nuff said
can someone pick option 1 or 2? that would make it a lot simpler
It makes you shoot faster. Shooting faster, but the same damage per shot. Thus making you do more damage per second.

Let's say you are doing 10 damage per shot at a rate of 100 shots per minute. That's 1000 damage per minute. Add an item that gives +15% attack speed, you then do 10 damage per shot at a rate of 115 shots per minute.
AS increases your overall damage stat. test it out. Essentially whatever your base damage is w/o AS it's roughly equivalent to a percentile increase in your damage of the same amount. It might be slightly less, but it seems that way at least from my tests.
ok thank you

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