Inferno Farming - Could use some advice!

Demon Hunter
Let me start out by saying I manage through most things as they are now.

Kiting is "there" but most mobs are careless to snares and simply run as fast as I do when snared, thus rendering me unable to waste time to turn around and shoot. most of the time.

Things are not unkillable, i've found ST to be quite nice, 6x ST then lure them into it while shooting various other things.

Companion holding them away from me for just a second. generally works to be in the end ok.

However there is one thing. Surely after SS was gimped stuff is harder yes, impossible, to some extent without resistances sure.

But there is one thing I wonder. I farm act 1 to get money to get gear, its simply the only way atm.

I today met my first elite pack of the day being 4 Scavangers, Molten-Fast-Horde-Shield How to counter that?

Personally in the end for this it was Spiketrap shoot die repeat.

My second pack was Shield-Fast-Chains-Teleport quite a lot easier but still a pain, because SS being overly bugged, you cannot use SS to even get out of a vortex anymore, how would you counter this best (Preferably without vault because it tends to spaz out for me and vault all over the place, hardware related I think but still)

Then theres the last.

After a good time I was on my way to the skeleton king, the first thing I meet around the corner in level 2 is what you will see in the video I recorded below.

Horde Reflect Damage Plagued Desecrator

The issue here is that it is the first thing I meet, and I am unable to get past them because of bugged SS (Mobs follow you regardless) and myself being pinned in a corner slowly (swiftly) killing myself because of the Reflect damage.

This pack too me roughly 20 minutes or so to kill.


PS: Don't bother about the skill or tactics used in the video, it simply is to show the pack of mobs and where they were.

My question is this, how could I be more ... well.... Not suicidal killing .. and at least mush down stuff a bit faster.

Bare in mind in the video and for this I tend to use my MF gear, at 20k dps and 32k health + mediocre resistances its not the worst for act 1, it goes, but its not really good seeing how fast stuff tends to shred me away like this.

My current spec:!eTb!YcaZcY

my ferrets, klepto and mania are a must though :P Woulden't wanna go without them at all
If you're using Sharpshooter then you should be trying to make the most use of it with this tactic:
Let sharpshooter grow your damage to the maximum possible, then try to find the special group of monsters at the edge of your screen, far enough that they cannot aggro to you, but you know where they are. Once this is complete, since you are using spike traps, put them on the ground where you are standing, and behind you, assuming you will need to run backwards. Then, fire Nether Tentacles at the mobs until you are out of hatred or they are too close, then start running back over the traps and shooting backwards every chance you get.

Im not sure what you're referring to as "klepto and mania" though...
I think if you have trouble getting this to work you should swap Spike Traps for Caltrops , they provide for much more utility since they give you a lot of distance between the enemy and you with slow. You should try to go for at least one spell with some kind of disable\immobilizer to distance yourself and the monsters.

P.S. I watched your video, it looked very upsetting.
Currently farming Act I with ease and i can tell you that this build works very well.!eTY!YcbZca

Because the maps in which the elites/champs are in are so perfect for stampede. I can stand and shoot NT and use stampede and get all 3 below 20% life when stampede ends. (Horde w/ immunity i believe are also knocked back although they would probably give you the most trouble) After that it's just a breeze with kiting using calotraps. You can handle almost any affixes that comes at you. Have a decent weapon of 750+. you can find them for 100-150k which is pretty cheap on AH. Boots speed 12% also helps a lot with kiting.
.... any demon hunter with any spec can farm Act I with ease...
In act 2 Inferno i need help.

The dune thresher champ packs. Got one just now,

Dune Thresher: Reflect Damage, Shielding, Fast, Teleport.
Was very nasty, took about 30 minutes with another DH to kill. You can't really kite, because they are burrowed underground when they chase you and you have .5 seconds to react.

The only way i found was to have a caltrops up, stand on the edge of it and when it pops up it will be immobilised. But then you have .5 second to react to it or pre-empt it surfacing. This is all very hard to do on a 400ms australian ping.

It may also burrow, teleport to you and quickly resurface. The burrow is what makes it different to other mobs, as you are unable to kite, it just burrows and resurfaces in your face.
Not only that, it may surface while shielded, negating any dmg u might do as you run away, then , when you do damage, you start dying slowly due to reflect damage. We had to kite the dune thresher to the town of caldeum where the guards and the enchantress tanked them for a bit.

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