Elemental damage and spells

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Some questions on elemental damage and spells.

1) If you have a +poison damage weapon, does your spells also does poison damage? If so does it trigger bad medicine?

2) Does your pets deal elemental damage that your weapon has?
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1. If the spell description says just "X% weapon damage" then the skill will deal damage just like a weapon hit, including any extra elemental damage. However, if the description says "X% weapon damage as xxx" where xxx is a damage type like arcane or physical, then all your damage, including extra elemental damage, is converted into that type. I believe most WD spells are of the second variety, so no, the poison damage on your weapon wouldn't be applied as poison in most cases.

From the wording of Bad Medicine, I expect it works whenever you deal poison damage, including +poison damage. Though like I said, there aren't many spells that will deal that +poison as poison.

2. They will do additional damage, but most pets deal "weapon damage as physical" so that elemental damage will be converted to physical damage.

P.S. If you haven't already, turn on advanced tooltips in Options > Gameplay.

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