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Lol I bypassed the error in d3prefs and I immediately got my first death. Didn't even know I was being attacked.It was almost bearable after I set resolution and max fps all the way down, though. I just have to move a lot slower now.

I can't locate the d3prefs file. could it be called anything else?
Its in the Diablo 3 folder in your documents library. Generally that'd be:
C:\User\Documents\Diablo III
05/16/2012 05:51 AMPosted by Galadriël
I don't understand why Blizzard would have not just taken the supported hardware list that they use in WoW and incorporated it into's a mystery to's not like they don't have all the data they need to have done it this way, instead of risking pi**ing off thousands (or more) PAYING customers....

WoW uses an 8-year-old game engine that doesn't make use of the pixel shading and physics that Diablo III does. This is like saying "I was able to play Diablo II on a Pentium III with a Voodoo2 video card, why can't I run Diablo III?"

Technology improves at such a rapid pace, you would honestly be missing out on eyecandy if game studios didn't bother to keep with the times.
What the hell?! I play SC2 fine on my laptop and now I finally finish downloading Diablo 3 and I can't play it because my video card doesn't support it?! WTF this is bull!@#$
Yeah, I find it very ignorant. I just bought the game today because I found the series so much fun and great story based. However I can play every other game from WoW all the way to any other MMO, but Diablo 3 just errors out. :/
I think alot of these really intense players need to hop off a couple casuals that might have even got the game for free. We just want to play the game, and in some cases this game just isn't accepting video cards that meet the minimums. This is an issue that I think needs to be patched up. And hmm, I heard about something you can change to skip the launch client . And launch it directly, that might work (for atleast low quality game play)
Hey does anybody know of/if there are external graphics cards for laptops that support d3? I meet all the other requirements except the graphics card...
In the same boat. Have the game completely downloaded but can't play it.
I had a video card in the closet that is supported but it doesn't fit into my motherboard and I'm tapped on funds so I won't be playing this for now..
It didn't occur to me that Blizzard would make a game that would require better video cards than what WoW required. I'll think twice before assuming that in the future.
I'd love to say something derogatory about Blizzard right now (out of frustration) but it's not their fault I'm broke with an old PC :-(

Same here. Feels bad, man.
I check the list of unsupported cards, and mine was not on the list.
Same here mine wasn't on the unsupported list. I have an intel 4500mHD and it won't open on my computer. I only got this laptop so i don't know what to do, i'm not very tech savvy
diablo 3 wants a modern videocard from 1 and 2 years ago it uses pixel and vertex shader 3.0 which needs a powerful videocard to run on

you guys need to upgrade

and when you buy a laptop never get one with intergated grahics that shares system memory or any intel videocard but intel cpu is good just make sure its not intel grahics ok
ya im learning that the hard way, do you know of any external cards good enough to run it? I can't seem to find anything through my searching.
My computer is only two years old as well and passes the system requirements by a lot. The only thing wrong is it has am intel graphics card that isn't an HD. I've been read about people playing D3 with 6 year old vista systems that just happend to have a non intel graphics card. There only complaint is that the game runs slow(go figure). This computer has WOW, SWTOR, and Starcraft 2 on it and it runs them flawlessly. Don't try and tell me its my fault for accedently buying a computer with an intel graphics card. If you know for a fact D3 will never run with an intel graphics card then please tell me. I'll work on buying another machine. Do not be a troll like the above person and smear the fact that I can't play in my face. Now that thats said. Has anyone figured out what to do to bypass the gray screen leviathon talked about in the 1st post? I'm just about ready to pay for some useful feed back at this point.
there is no external grahics

Also, I find it funny when people exaggerate "IT PLAYS STARCRAFT 2 FLAWLESSLY". You're lying to yourself. Go play a game of 4v4 and tell me it's flawless.
Thank you jim. I'll start lookin for a new computer. And Starcraft 2 does work flawlessly on my computer. I play in w/ average settings and I've palyed it all the way threw without lag. Thats as flawless as it get for me. Vincentlaw, your post gives no information except that your an !@#. If you ever happen to post on my comments again please atleast put in some sort of useful information. Thank tou for your advice jim.
05/16/2012 06:10 PMPosted by Demon
Vincentlaw, your post gives no information except that your an !@#. If you ever happen to post on my comments again please atleast put in some sort of useful information.

05/15/2012 07:41 PMPosted by VincentLaw
That brings us nowhere closer to having a solution. There's no need to rub anything in anybody's face, we just want to play the game.

It doesn't bring you closer to a solution because there isn't one. I'm not rubbing it in your face, I'm telling you the truth you refuse to accept. Tons of people get on this forum with a sense of entitlement, that they deserve to be able to play this on their old computer, when that's simply not true.

A $400 PC from 4 years ago simply does not cut it. You get what you pay for, and now you're paying the price for getting a low end machine back then. It's unfortunate, but that's life.

yeah... you need to stop trying to argue with everyone. yes you said your two cents. obviously it isn't helping. your just making things worse.

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