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So is this game not going to work with my Satellite? I downloaded it (I have 4gp ram, plenty of space, updated directX, windows 7) and it gives me the message
Video card not supported:
Operating system: Windows 7 Service Pack 1
Video Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family

What can I do to make this work? Upgrade my video card...? Anything?
i was also using the toshiba satellite.. doesn't work either way.. build a new comp :))
05/15/2012 10:07 PMPosted by frangipani
i was also using the toshiba satellite.. doesn't work either way.. build a new comp :))

Yeah, trying to do things the cheap route...otherwise I really don't think I'd be playing on a Satellite in the first place
Is it possible to upgrade the video card in these things? Any help from anyone that knows what they're talking about? Whats the cheapest card that will work?
My satellite is running it ok. I've got the top A660 model though with the I7 and 3d graphics card
I've been playing on a Toshiba Satellite just fine. It's a newer model though with an NVidia 540 in it. It's only a Core i5 but the game has been running great! ...When the servers are up that is... >:(
I have a Satellite L505 model.... I honestly don't know anything about computers as far as hardware goes.
youre gonna HAVE to buy a new computer. I have the EXACT same laptop as you, and i managed to get to play the game, but i was getting 4-5 frames per second and it was Unplayable.

heres what i bought,
the game runs fine. It doesnt run at the perfect speed. But assuming youre not a player who cares that much on having a supped up rig.

I ran on 1600x900 resolution with every thing on high except clutter density and shadows which i ran on medium. gave me a steady 30ish fps.
Screw that I aint payin $400+ just to play a video game... on a college budget here lol. Does anyone have a solution for me other than buy a computer?
i feel ya man. But think of it as a long term asset you can upgrade in the future :/
I mean yeah I would if I had that kinda money. Took me a bit just to set aside $60 for a video game. Can a graphics card or whatever that crap I need be changed out/upgraded? I have a computer nerd buddy that can do it all for me
did you upgrade to windows 7 or did you have windows 7 installed when you bought the computer? If you upgraded it will not work because of a directx 11 conflict with your graphics card. I discovered this at my job when I was troubleshooting for someone else who wanted to play civilization 5. Its a common problem for game installs, and exe launch crashes... not sure why its not more wide known on the net.
Naw it came with Windows 7...
With my knowledge of laptops, majority of laptops come with whats called an integrated graphics card. And you cannot replace those. If its a dedicated video card, then you can in fact change out the graphics card.

You can call Toshiba and give them your laptop's PIN number or whatever and they will tell you if its integrated or dedicated, but I am 95% sure its integrated into the motherboard.
did you try pressing escape and also go to the laptop website and update your video driver chances are they have a hotfix like ATI did with AMD. I have been dealing with this all day with clients at work, but I have not troubleshooted a toshiba yet
this is correct. Generally speaking one has to buy a good graphics card upon purchase as part of the package deal or else they get the generic version. My Mac runs smoothe on the 3000 Intel integrated but every computer is different
It will not work with that video card which is fail. I had the same problem and it told me the same thing. you need to get a new video card or wait til they make it useable. I put the game on my laptop and had no problems, except for the fact that blizz fails at being ready to handle the number of ppl. That is absolutely stupid in itself. They had problems when the beta and still didnt add servers and it will likely be down for several more hours.
Ha. Good luck running anything decently on a Satellite. I have an A665 series and even games like WoW, I can't run higher then what is basically the Good setting with shadows turned off.

One solution might be to get a PCI Express video card, but you'd also have to run the video through an external monitor. You're kinda screwed no matter what if you can't get it working. I was gonna get a guess pass from a friend in a few days, but I can't even find a link to download the bloody client so it's ready.

Still, good luck mate. Hope you can get something figured out.
Even if it is a dedicated card on a laptop it is next to impossible to replace as most cards are OEM and designed to fit that particular board. Odds are good the game would not be playable with your current setup even if you did get it to load. Nothing you can do about that other than replace the entire comp or buy an external video card setup such as VI Dock which can be found here, Although in the long run this would probably be just as costly as buying a low end pc which would be capable of playing this game as long as it had dedicated graphics.

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