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Ok guys, the only way to help the Blizzard gang is by accurately entering the error experience for them to troubleshoot.

What I'm seeing is that it happens every 15 minutes or so and boots me back to the login screen. I bought the game in physical form from the shop here in Sydney Australia and logged in to authenticate the serial number as usual BUT I did not use the dvd disk to install due to my dvdrom playing up lately.

I digi downloaded the game instead. Not that this would have anything to do with it, but thought I'd mention that just in case. (serial numbers differing with disc vs downloadable version perhaps?)

Whatever the case, the game is unplayable like this. Any comments and similar error experience will be appreciated - and of course, a solution would be obviously better ;)
I have purchased the physical form of Diablo 3 collector's edition from EB games at Sydney Australia. I installed the game with the code shown on the manual.

I had the same problem as everyone else last night with the log in. I finally managed to log in and the game ran all right, I didn't see error messages.

Tonight after work, I started playing Diablo 3 again, and for the last 4 hours I have seen error message 3007 every 15 min. And every time error 3007 comes up, I get kicked out of the game, loosing the progress on the level and having to restart the level again.

This has reached beyond the level of annoying as the game is literally unplayable.

The error seems to come up where ever I am, in town or out of the town in open areas, as well as in dungeons.

Please fix the problem.
I am expriencing the same thing excepts, I downloaded directly from the net and i dont have a retail version, And sometimes it can take about an hour and more before i get disconnected again by this 3007 error, And now its getting annoying since its happening at around 15 mins of gameplay then pouf! A little feedback on this problem would be appreciated, I understand it was just released and still has some problems thats why i keep hope they will fix it soon.
Same as everyone else, dowloaded digi copy, get error 3007 every 15 minutes. However, I'm fairly certain that my router is causing it as when I bypass it I no longer get the error. I have a D-Link DIR-615.
i get it completely randomly.

Summon the crow, sometimes crash sometimes not.
I do notice though that it happens way more in 'town' than out in the wild, especially when messing with the artisans.
Yeah I have the same problem, pretty much the same thing as everyone else
Downloaded installer on 5/10/12, installed on 5/14/12, added CE cdkey at 12:20am 5/15/12.

Computer is plugged directly in to ATT Uverse gateway.

Only had one 3007 around 11pm EST last night. No other errors.

I work from home as a web developer using that computer. It's all newer high-end hardware. Internet is the max ATT provides. It's important that I have no downtime. I've never experienced any connection issues in the 3 years I've had ATT Internet nor with or any other game. I play games around 25-30 hours a week with my system.

I'd also like to point out... I Played the beta for probably 60-80 hours with no issues.
I started getting this error around level 14. I'm now 17 and it's happening frequently. I downloaded the game online from the WoW Annual Pass. Seems to only happen when I'm on quests and it starts me all the way at the beginning as well.

Incredibly frustrating and unplayable at the moment until this is fixed.
I bought a physical copy from Game stop. I installed with the CD key provided and linked it to my WoW account. I have been able to play one time since release. I have tried numerous times to get in relentlessly with no luck. The one time I got in I was able to play for about one hour. Every time before and past that point I get stuck on Authenticating credentials and get the error 3007. I have updated my routers firmware and forwarded the ports needed. Antivirus software is no interfering and firewall is set to allowing it (which it already was).

In conclusion, I get my error 3007 before I can even get past Authenticating Credentials. I wish I could at least get in the game in the first place, at least tease me with some Diablo 3 goodness, but instead I fight the horrible Authentication monster and they only gave me a pencil and Styrofoam plate to fight with s/s style.
I just noticed an update on Blizzards news link. The 3007 error check has the following message:

"This is a known issue. Our development team is working on a resolution."

One thing I'm noticing is that the servers the Aussies are going through are all in Taiwan. (at least what this error code is referring to)

Rasputin, I'd love to know what the hell a ATT Uverse gateway is.

MajorMadness, I'd love to know what you mean by "bypassing" your router.

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