WD Weapons and Dmg

Witch Doctor
1 more questions guys, skills do % of weapon damage, do they mean % of DPS or % of actual weapon damage, because if this is the case, it is better to go with a dual hand sword, it might have lower DPS due to it's attack speed but it has better lower damage, ex:

1 - dagger: 20 DPS = 5-15 damage at 2 hits per second ( so dps is 10-30 with 20 being average)

2 - Sword: 15 DPS = 14-16 damage at 1 hit per second

Now, if the spells use weapon damage it means (for ex. skill does 100% damage):

in the 1st case(dagger): spell will hit between 5 and 15...
in the 2nd case(sword): spell will hit between 14-16... (just a hint, THIS IS BETTER)

so if your spell, has a cooldown longer that your weapon attack speed, it is safe to say that DPS does not matter, and you have to look for weapon damage.

i hope i explained everything clear and hope that someone can tell me if am i right...

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