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Hey all. I'm currently in Act 3 and having a blast playing as a monk... I was just wondering what gems you are putting in your weapon slot? I'm torn between crit damage and +damage. +damage seems like it's a flat bonus, whereas, crit damage seems like it could be good after you've met a current threshold of crit%.

Im a hoarder so I'm saving all of them to turn into much better pieces later.

But mainly Dex and Vit is what you want.

You really only need your main stat point (dex as monk) and vitality (adds health). Unless you need str or int??? for whatever reason, stick with those two.
You can remove gems NLC, so what's the point of not using them?

Anyway to OP, for weapons you probably want rubies. A ruby or flawless ruby, can't remember which it was, took my overall damage from 850 to 950.
rubies in weapons. emeralds in chest, pants, jewelry, and amethyst in helm
The armor slots were pretty much no-brainers. I was just curious if anyone was using something other than rubies in their weapons. Thanks for the replies!
Would using the +dmg gems on the weapons be more beneficial than using the life leech gems on the weapons?

I just got to NM and started grouping - while my survivability was fantastic because of my life leech, it took me days to kill simple mobs.

Since then, I've tried adjusting some weapons and stats and while my DPS has increased, now I have no life leeching.

Should I split them? + dmg on one weapon, life leech on the other?

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