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Hey guys, I missed this cave the first time around so now I'm trying to access it to get the liquid rainbow, but I just can't find the cave.

I know where it's supposed to spawn, someone mentioned it spawns in the same place every time. But I've restarted the area for like 10x already, no Merchant, no secret cave.

Does the location change or what's there to do.

I missed Leorics shin at my first go too and when I went back I couldn't get it for some reason when I chose the quest point that was past the point when you originally should have found it. So I restarted further behind the questline and worked through several areas and re-reached Leorics mansion and then it finally spawned.

Does that mean I have to start early enough in the questline in Act II too, to allow this special item to spawn? How early and man it's annoying, lol.

Any ideas?
Yesterday, the cave spawned EVERY time I started the game, but the chest never spawned inside. Today, I've run it 6 times and the cave hasn't spawned once. Looks like we're both just victims of terrible luck.
I've ran it close to 50 times and haven't seen the Mysterious Cave spawn once, so...
I missed the shin my first run through as well, and it took about 10 game restarts to get the logs to spawn in the fire to get the shin bone from. The cave and chest are just randomized spawns like the shin bone fire im guessing.
spawned for me first time and i found the liquid rainbow too but i didn't even know was something special - just scrolling around the forums now looking for what it does

I found the liquid rainbow NOT in the area showcased in the first post. It says that there is only one and always the same place the NPC spawns, but in my case the NPC spawned on the other spot which looks completly the same.

More details:
Mysterious chest was in level 1, we played "nightmare".
I followed erasedlight's post advice and found it on my first attempt, after running about 20 runs on normal. Thanks for the post. Saved me a lot of time.
It doesnt spawn every time. When I was going for the rainbow I found the cave on 4th attempt, and the chest luckily was there right away.

It actually has 2 spawn points (the cave).
Hey guys just wanted to say that after running it for about an hour i got the vial. some things i would suggest are checking both spawn points of the cave not just the one south of the oasis path way point if you dont know where the second spawn point is just follow the bottom of the map untill you find a small opening that looks exactly the same as the first. also the chest doesnt allways spawn. it took me 3 dungeon spawns to get the chest to finally spawn.
its very random it took me over 100 runs to get the mushroom to spawn so just keep trying
Omg.. 5 hours and still counting! :D
i was around the 60th time before i finally got the mysterious cave, the chest wasn't there though, then about 5 tries later i got it.
Rofl, my friend got it the first time....

... and we all still be counting
Took me about 1/2 hour to finally get the chest, but made sure to invite friends before I opened it to save them the trouble...
I don't know if this has been posted, and since I'm at work I can't give you exact names atm, but if you start at Blood and sand I believe, and you take the WP to the area before the oasis, I think its called path of whatever, run east, and then run south as soon as it opens up. If the guys there, kill the monsters and what not, if not rinse repeat.

Took me like 6 resets total to get him, about 15 minutes all around.
I feel bad. I didn't know the cave was anything special. I have gotten the black mushroom and the Liquid Rainbow my first time in each zone. Had to log off and look up what they were for.

Looks like my luck is pretty solid in this game. Also got a legendary yesterday.

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