Barbarian the easiest class?

I died on Butcher a couple times, hardly got to half health in act 2. Once I picked up whirlwind its almost like cheating! I'm only on normal, never played d1 or d2 so I didn't wanna start off too crazy... But so far my only disappointment (besides servers) is how easy it hasbeen. Should I keep pushing on because the difficulty picks up or swap classes?
You shouldn't have even died in act 1.
You will meet difficulties when you reach Hell, as I am playing in Hell right now, I have to kite all the time whenever facing some elite mobs. My level is 51 and I am using frenzy + Slam. Frenzy for permanent bash and slam for crowd control.
im sure every class has moments when they are particularly strong.

Aslo barbs are item dependent, so if you have good items for the level, or paid for items on the AH, you will experience an inherently easier game.

Every character is item dependent.
^^ What he said
I found Act 1 to be a pushover. Act 2 started really easy but my Barb seemed to get weak half way through it and I had a lot of trouble until Azmodan who turned out to be easy. Act 3 and 4 were no problem because I bought a bunch of items from the Blacksmith. Honestly, if you set urself up with items that = your level you should be entirely fine. I think that's what happened to me in Act 2. I fell behind on items, that's all.
SaintBio is spot on r.e equipping equal to your current level. I made 2 Journey Man Heavy Axes once I hit level 13 and could smash most enemies quite easily. Looking forward to dual weilding some legendary stuff!
i predict the OP's learning curve is about to get steeper the longer he plays this.
Stop with the "barbs are item dependent" stuff. Every class is item dependent in this game.
I am at the beginning of Act 2 Normal and I've died like 30 times thus far. One time I even got all my equipment broken running around naked punching mob. Being a barbarian is hard! :D
I hate whirlwind. So little damage.
Not the easieas on Hell, champion packs are literally *%!*## me apart.
Well I can tell you, in normal difficulty you should be able to get through without dying on most of the classes. Though once you get to Nightmare being a barb sucks for whole new reasons.

Including but not limited to, champion and rare monster packs who with their combined skill have the ability to 2 shot you, exploding monsters that as a barb you must get close to in order to kill, and then attempt to kill them before detonation.

Trust me, keep playing as the barb (if you enjoy it) and you shall see. :)
thanks guys! i really enjoy barb so far, gonna go smash up act3 now :P really appreciate the feedback
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You shouldn't have even died in act 1.

I stacked magic finder gear to 70%...i died a lot but damn do I have crazy amounts of BS mats.
as an addendum, I've kept very up to date with gear and my blacksmithing. also had to run several dungeons multiple times due to disconnects, which kept me pretty loaded for a while. loading up on +vitality/armor/strength

also, using cleave/whirlwind/groundstomp/revenge/weapon throw/earthquake, with nerves of steel and pound of flesh as passive skills.
Yeah every class is dependent on items... But some are more than others. I'm a lvl 37 barb and only do 450 dps with 2 1handers I have good self healing and I'm unable to solo nightmare without constantly switching spec's depending on the champion/unique mob. This is extremely annoying. My only advice is unless you're a barb pro.. or melee pro(Which I am not) . Dont roll barb!

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