I am a Taiwanese! I want a server !

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Suck server, suck blizzerd's idea about taking server in Korea.
we want a server
we can't even log in the Asia serve
we only want one Asia serve in taiwan
we had bought the d3
we paid the money! we paid the money! we paid the money! we paid the money!
what did you done any thing to paid back
i want to say ~bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb~bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb~
We want a sever!
I don't care where the servers are.
I just want great quality for D3
PLEASE take this seriously!!!!!
Speaking of our aspirations
PUSH ... no korea plz
can you guys stop flooding our forums and spam the Asian servers? you know where the admin's can understand what youre saying?

Chinese: 你们可以停止水浸我们的论坛和垃圾邮件的亚洲服务器吗?你知道管理员的可以理解你说的吗?

Korean: 너희들은 우리의 포럼을 홍수 중단하고 아시아 서버를 스팸 메일 수 있습니까?관리자의 말씀을줍니다 이해할 수 있는지 알아?

now blizz can you make it so these people don't consistently rage on our forums.

Your loving friend, Guy who doesn't speak Korean.

I cant log in!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSWN6Qj98Iw
I could not even install diablo, giving a lot of errors, need higher bandwidth and server response.

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