Dye changes at same vendor?

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When dyes first showed up for me at the dye/potion vendor in Act 1, they were Aquatic and Tanner. One day (and a couple of levels later), the exact same vendor had Winter and Spring, but no longer offered the previous colors.

Question 1: What made the change occur - was it me leveling up, or do the available colors alternate randomly or on some kind of schedule at the vendors?

Question 2: If it was leveling up, why do previous dye colors become unavailable when new ones appear? Shouldn't unlocking a color make it stay unlocked?

Thanks in advance for clarifying!
they do seem to vary randomly between opening and closing your game. i had started dying the set of armor i had blue, but was interrupted and had to shut down. when i came back hours later there was no blue dye to be had. figuring what was up, i opened and closed my game two more times before the blue dye came back up and i was able to proceed. "unlocking" a color isnt the case. its very random, im guessing in keeping with the "never the same game twice" ideal.
the only one that seems to be more static is the dye remover soap. thats not hard to come by, where a more specific color can be unless you shut down and restart it till you get what you want. maybe thats doing it the hard way, but i got what i wanted with a bit of persistance.

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