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Demon Hunter
Okay so I see people using multishot with supression fire,

is it really worth it? since multishot cost soo much hate and only used in certain situations, (when there are 1billion mobs in front)
Use your bat companion and multi-shot with the fire at will rune. With decent gear, you'll kill any regular wave of creeps from full hatred.
or use bat companion with elemental arrow runed with lighting ball
slot imaple+overpenetration for 1v1 or elite kills

I did some experimentation with it. I can see a strong argument for it. The current logic is that the ideal situation for a DH is any situation that gives them more chance to spam the crap out of Smoke Screen. And since in Inferno Hatred is always in excess (Almost always), it seems like it could easily be viable.
@ Prometheus: They're not necessarily exclusive. I can easily argue that there is a strong build right now that can run both EA/NT with Multishot and, perhaps, be stronger for it.

As long as a build includes Prep/BattleScar and Smokescreen, it's got the tools it needs to at least POSSIBLY work in Inferno. If you want two Hatred abilities instead of one, that's fine. You're almost never going to empty Hatred anyways with EA (I've tried. It's hard.) It's the same reason I don't run Companion/Bat anymore. You just have more than enough Hate.
What is possibly the best rune for Prep? i use Focus mind because i feel you can pull more SS's out of it during the duration
IMO, Battle Scars. I didn't even know people considered anything else. Without Battle Scars, you're totally reliant on Potions and awful choices to heal you up between damage spikes. (As much as I love Nether Tentacles, they are NOT huge heals)
I don't use battlescars. I prefer to get more SS off and not take the damage in the first place. Invigoration with +20 discipline on gear = 60 discipline per prep.

If you need health, soak up some health globes. God knows they drop often enough, and with veng they feed you more hate and disc. so the time you're spending grabbing them is recovered (DPS wise).
I don't honestly understand how you'll survive some encounters without Battle Scars. It would require amazing finesse in play. There are plenty of boss abilities that will do SOME damage to you and not reliably offer a health globe.

If you don't want to use BS, then I guess Invig, Focus Mind and Backup Plan are all viable. But none of them are even close to good enough as far as I can tell to justity losing our one and only significant heal.
Focused mind is the best.
05/20/2012 06:44 AMPosted by Banaritaz
If you don't want to use BS, then I guess Invig, Focus Mind and Backup Plan are all viable. But none of them are even close to good enough as far as I can tell to justity losing our one and only significant heal.

Do you not consider Shadow Power to be a significant heal?
No. I do not. There are precious few situations where you'll even get 30% of your health back. It requires a large discipline investment, it requires you to actually attack for 3 seconds (Heaven forbid something do anything to stop it after you activate the ability) and then it requires you actually do a ton of damage.You have to do 100k damage to even get back 20k, and it's not exactly a walk in the park to drop 100k damage in 3 seconds.

With better timing of the ability, it could be easier. But it's still not worth the effort and planning necessary when compared to the ease of Prep.
I don't know. I got into SS late into my Diablo game (Very end of Hell) so maybe I'll get used to it and learn to rely on it more. But the fact is, right now, I'd rather have the HP than a few more SS. But I'm only now winding down with Act 1 Inferno, so maybe Act 2 will foce a change. That's fine if so.

As far as the Hatred goes, it seems simply to me. If I'm on the run from a rare mob, I'd rather spend my Hatred getting 1-2 more Disc and good damage (Multishot hits very hard) occasionally than doing more damage and not getting the disc. It's situational, obviously, but so far I've only completely went out of Hate 1-2 in the entire Act 1, and both times were from just silly use of EA on solo creatures. I'm relatively sure (Please note, I've not tested yet) that I could run both without significant Hatred strain.

Remember, running Multishot doesn't mean I have to use Multishot. It just means I have it there if I need more disc on the fly. Since I use Battle Scars, it seems more natural to me. I run an incredibly defensive build right now on Inferno, so my experience is different than most. I only skipped one mob back on all of Act 1 with my current build, so I'm relatively pleased with a low damage, high survivability build.!eTb!YbZbbZ
^^ i use that in inferno just fine.. though i only just beat act 1 and everyone keeps telling me act 2 is insanely harder...

but it basically lets me stay invulnerable permanently provided nothing goes wrong. but the lack of an AoE makes it very slow to skill groups since i rely purely on devouring

Edit: i play with a barb so thats why theres no slow. if solo, i just swap out bat for caltrops

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