what should be my dps im on act 3 normal

Witch Doctor
I have 260 dps,I been buying stuff off ah spent over 200k on head legs boots.Next thing im trying to get,Is ring which will boost it up close to 300.I just cant seem to get it any higher.
What should it be im level 30,How do people get it to 400 and up so high this fast.When ah item level req are not met,At my level I keep searching for high int items.
Weapon damage will boost your damage by an insane amount. As well as things that add + damage, don't stack JUST intellect. You'll want vitality for nightmare + as well.
I'm at almost 800 at 31 on Act 3 normal.

You need a high dps weapon with a +damage bonus and an offhand mojo with +damage bonus. Then, if it's socketed add the best ruby you can afford on the AH.
I wouldn't waste time spending money on the AH through normal...

But to answer your question... Weapon damage. At low levels nothing else will boost your damage more than a weapon damage upgrade... since you are browsing the AH find something with already high DPS then slot in a red gem if it has the slot. Your damage should increase greatly.
i have 2600 health i uslaly go for int for head chest vit for other gear int vit for rings kinda hard to find items that give u weapon damage unless its weapon all weapons i find stink one i have now is 40 dps which i bough off ah for 5k which was steal
800 at act 3 what whats your dps on your weapon did u put super ruby in your socket my god
It's like 32 DPS with +3-6 damage and added a square ruby which puts the DPS over 50.

You can re-use gems and re-sell items after you use them, so I don't see why you wouldn't use the AH. I'll smith after I ding 60.
any way u post what armor u using and your stats for them ghent so i can see if i can farm gold buy these things on ah
I'll have to do it when I get home, but just look for armor with 1) Vit 2) Int 3) Has Sockets (I think only head/chest/legs have sockets).

That's all I did. Then add either INT or VIT for the sockets on armor. I used a ruby on my helm for +XP%

I know I have around 370ish Vit and 760 something INT. I use 1H/Mojo.

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