Are loot drops 10-20 levels below any1 else?

Items and Crafting
Im level 41 atm, running thru Nightmare, and all of the loot that has been dropping is completely worthless. Even the rare ranked gear. Should I have been in this level of difficulty 10-20 levels lower?

I've been trying to do all the lore and full exploration of all zones, so my XP scaling is bigger than most who are just powering straight thru to 60, i'd assume.

its feeling like this is now, Diablo 3, THE BATTLE FOR AUCTION HOUSE GEAR!

wtb level appropriate drops.
I've found some bad items and some good items.. I found a list somewhere that states something like there are 18 tiers of gear so you may get lucky and find a higher tier in a previous act and might get unlucky and find a lower tier in the next if that makes sense.

for me items are definitely getting better the further along I go into the game, i'm 50 something and can still get good drops in nightmare.. having some issues on hell atm so decided to do some farming and some gemming etc..

I think you'll be good just gotta keep at it.

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